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Rektor Live is a full service merchandise company covering the entire merchandise gamut making sure fans have the ultimate concert experience

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What we do


We plan each concert carefully based on each artist needs. We establish contact with each venue to ensure that you get the best premises to sell. Our goal is to make merchandise sales hassle free for the artist and management.


We use experienced crew that ensure a smooth execution and maximise sales. We tailor each stand to your vision that accurately represents the artist. We have 10+ years of experience from the biggest arenas in Europe


We adapt the payment-solutions after the location and size of the venue. We do all settlements on-site and give you a full sales-report after the concert is done.

How we work

Identify scope

We speak with artist management to assess the scope. We identify the artists needs and venue cap and use this information to plan precisely.

Identify scope

Step 1


Based on our communication we start the planning process. We find the most qualified personell, convenient payment solutions and location in the venue.


Step 2

On-site preperation

We are present at the venue in good time before the concert to ensure a smooth excecution. Together with our crew we create appealing stands that maximise sales.

On-site preperation

Step 3


We believe that efficient personell, clean stands and smooth payment solutions are key components to sell. Our main goal is to be smooth and prevent queues


Step 4

10+ years experience

Although our company is recently founded, the people behind Rektor Live have over 10 years of experience with concert sales. We have conducted sales in sold out arenas throughout in Europe. Our clients include, Justin Bieber, Robbie Williams, Swedish House Mafia, Marcus & Martinus, Karpe and many many more. 

We are absolutely comitted to help our clients reach their goals and our proud to hold record breaking sales in multiple venues in Scandinavia and Europe.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you help with producing merchandise?

Yes. Rektor Production provide an end to end supply chain and manufacturing service to ensure you get the right product at the right time and cost. Go to Rektor Production to learn more.

Can you assist in selling the products?

Yes. Rektor offers both e-commerce and fulfilment solutions. Head over to the e-commerce website to see prices and opportunities.

Can you store and ship our products?

Yes. We have our own warehouse specially made for e-commerce, and concert shipments. Head over to our warehouse website to read more.

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Justin Bieber

Telenor Arena, Oslo

Date: 16 – 18 april, 2013

Attendance: 75,000

Shops: 7

Vendors: 68

Robbie Williams

Viking stadion, Stavanger, Norway

Date: 25 august, 2013

Attendance: 20,000

Shops: 5

Vendors: 22

Marcus & MArtinius

Telenor arena, Oslo, Norway

Date: 2 juli, 2017

Attenence: 33.000

Shops: 2

Vendors: 45


Spectrum, Oslo, Norway

Date: 20-22 april, 2017

Attendance: 27,000

Shops: 5

Vendors: 23


Ullevål, Oslo, Norway

Date: June 30, 2013

Attendance: 22,000

Shops: 3

Vendors: 12

Top Gear

Sørmarka Arena, Stavanger, Norway

Date: 27-28 march, 2015

Attendance: 20,000

Shops: 3

Vendors: 11

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